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Portraits from Pyongyang

When Jen Loong, BCom’11, went to North Korea to participate in the 27th Annual Pyongyang Marathon, she wasn’t sure what to expect. More >



The Last Word 

Q: Which three pieces of music would you take to that desert island?
A: I would take no music with me to a desert island. I would go sans music, to avoid coming to hate what once I loved. I would whistle original but highly derivative tunes quietly to myself.

Keeping Track of Elephants

Keeping Track of Elephants 

PhD student Jake Wall has devised a tracking system using GPS and cell phones to help protect African elephants.

The Dancing Accountant

The Dancing Accountant Video

Jenny Duffy, BCom’04, has a good head for business and a passion for dancing. She’s combined both skills into a career she loves.


Volunteer Opportunity: Broad-Based Admissions Alumni Reader

Broad-based admissions is a student application process based both on grades and personal experiences. By reading these student applications, volunteers play a vital role in helping to shape the community of students and future alumni of UBC.