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Dementia is a looming public health crisis. Are we any closer to understanding diseases of the brain? Max Cynader discusses the threat 
of Alzheimer’s, the promise of the 
latest research approaches, and his 
hopes for the recently opened Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health. More >



Engineers in Scrubs Video

Michael Cancilla, MEng’14, and team created an innovative piece of equipment that is helping Ugandan surgeons treat more patients, in less time, at little cost.


Call Me Bob 

The affable and universally popular Bob Lee has been lending his support and business expertise to UBC for 30 years.


Good Things in Small Packages 

Professor Judy McLean wages war on nutritional deficiencies in Rwanda – with the help of a Canadian invention called Sprinkles.


Writes of Passage 

Keren Taylor shows underprivileged teen girls in LA the power of putting pen to paper in order to explore their identities and plan their futures.


The Sochi Experience 

Sports sociologist Andrea Bundon participated as a guide at this year’s Paralympics.


The Last Word 

Q: What is your latest purchase?
A: A pile of new wardrobe items for an upcoming The Nature of Things shoot. Turns out my usual attire of cat-hair-covered black stuff doesn’t translate well on TV.