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March/April 2012


Dark Matter, the Missing Link of the Universe

Dark Matter, the Missing Link of the Universe 

A substance scientists think might be key to the evolution of the universe has never been seen or touched, but an indirect method of observation is providing clues about where it is and what it does…

UBC's King of Cult

UBC’s King of Cult 

While some movies are formulaic and forgettable, others manage to spawn an ardent following and retain their cult status for decades. A UBC prof selected 100 cult films to write about in his new book. From horror and pornography to Hollywood glamour, the selection covers nearly every genre. So what, if anything, defines a cult film?

Jared Miller Takes Manhattan

Jared Miller Takes Manhattan Audio

It’s an old joke: a befuddled tourist asks a passing New Yorker “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” only to receive the classic response “practice, Kid, practice!” This good advice doesn’t quite apply to Jared Miller, who found another route to New York’s Mecca of classical music: “Compose, Kid, compose!” has been the Miller mantra.

Library Legends

Library Legends 

He was described as a tiny sprite with long flowing locks, and she as small and frail-looking. Yet Lionel Haweis and Dorothy Jefferd were both later remembered as the kind of larger-than-life personalities who seemed to naturally find their way to the fledgling university.

The Last Word

The Last Word 

Q: Which famous person (living or dead) do you think (or have you been told) you most resemble?

A: The lead singer of the Canadian band The Tea Party. And he looks like Jim Morrison. Who I look nothing like. Someone also once said I had an Oregon accent.


The UBC Plan: Have Your Say

UBC is seeking community input on updates to both Place and Promise: The UBC Plan and the Community Engagement Strategic Plan.

Events and Notices

Event highlights for this spring include The Next Step, and UBC Dialogues events in Burnaby and Victoria. The program for Alumni Weekend 2012 is also going to be announced shortly.

Take Note: UBC News & Research

Research about shark fisheries, sports concussions, hand-controlled speech synthesis, and more.

Featured Branch - SPARK

Meet UBC's new SPARK alumni entrepreneurship branch. Its next event is coming up on March 28th and will highlight up-and-coming alumni and student business start-ups as part of a "best pitch" competition.

Lifelong Learning

Hundreds of learning opportunities sure to engage, inspire and enlighten you are open for registration right now at the UBC Point Grey campus and in downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square.

Caption Contest

Show your wit. Enter our caption contest by April 15th for your chance to win a UBC Alumni stainless steel travel flask (it's so much more than a mug). One entry per person. All readers eligible.

UBC Alumni Association Governance Review

The Board of Directors is reviewing its governance structure with the goal of enhancing the UBCAA's effectiveness in serving alumni, students, and the university.