John Hemmingsen, BASc’63 (Metallurgy), is back living on Quadra Island after many years in the steel industry. Go to www.2000daysinChina.ca and read about John’s experiences living in China. There is also a video of a young Chinese singer, who was assisted by John and his wife, Cherie, with schooling, university and voice lessons. John recently gave a talk to students and faculty of UBC’s material science department regarding China and his engineering experiences. His family says: “Don’t get John going talking about China.”

Former member of parliament (1997-2004) and special advisor to the Prime Minister (2004-06), Sophia Leung, CM, BSW’64, MSW’66, continued her public service for four years as an elected member of the board of the Canadian Association for Former Parliamentarians (CAFP). In June 2011, CAFP presented her with a service award for her contributions to the organization. She is still active in international business, serving on the board of Canada GLG Life Tech Corporation, which specializes in producing high-grade stevia extract, a natural zero-calorie sweetener, in China. In 2010 she became CEO of Key Venture Capital, leading it to be listed on the TSX-Venture exchange in July 2011. She also serves on the board of advisors for the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, which assists with development and fundraising.

Robert Anderson, BA’65 (Hons), is continuing his work as a professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, and during 2011 is a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge (as a member of Clare Hall and Corpus Christi College). He recently established the Development & Sustainability Program in the new Faculty of Environment at SFU, and has been building a network of young environmentalists in Myanmar. His recent publication is Nucleus and Nation: scientists, international networks, and power in India (University of Chicago Press, 2010). This work began at UBC in the 1960s, and the book acknowledges all the good support he got from his undergraduate teachers there. He lives in Vancouver with his wife, Kathy Mezei, daughter Robin and son Luc.


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