New Nest for Legal Eagles

Allard Hall

With powerful learning and sustainability features, Allard Hall – named after donor and alumnus Peter A. Allard – will advance legal research and education in Canada, expand the UBC Faculty of Law’s presence in the community and honour its ties to BC First Nations.

The four-storey, 141,000 square-foot building includes a replica courtroom, technologically enhanced learning spaces, and expanded space for important public resources, including a state-of-the-art law library, the UBC Law Student’s Legal Advice Program and UBC chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada, where law students provide more than 200,000 hours of free legal services annually. UBC Law established Canada’s first Aboriginal law program in 1970, and the new building has an Indigenous Classroom and First Nations Student Lounge, plus references to the Musqueam Indian Band on whose traditional lands UBC is located.

Built to achieve LEED Gold certification, Allard Hall’s carbon footprint will be as much as 87 per cent smaller than that of an equivalent conventional building. It features a geo-exchange system that harvests the Earth’s heat through deep underground wells, high-efficiency lighting and ventilation, passive cooling strategies and end-of-trip cycling facilities.

The legal community, alumni and friends of UBC Law donated nearly $35 million towards Allard Hall. Major gifts include a $9.825-million portion of Allard’s recent $11.86-million donation – one of the largest individual gifts to a Canadian law school – and two grants from the Law Foundation of BC totalling $12 million. UBC committed the remaining $21 million of the building’s cost.


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