Start an Evolution

start an evolution

UBC generates ideas that start evolutions. Ideas that change the way people think and the way the world works. We see this change as an evolution, one that improves upon what has come before and inspires the generations that follow.

You can help start an evolution through involvement and investment. This can be as simple as reconnecting with UBC or as generous as making a donation.

Why? To increase our capacity to change the world for the better, through student learning, research and community engagement.

We invite you to get involved and combine your energy with ours. Together with UBC, you can help create solutions for the issues you care about. This is your opportunity to make a contribution with long lasting effects. This is your chance to help start an evolution and support thinking that can change the world.

Photos: In September, the start an evolution campaign was launched at a series of events held in Vancouver and Kelowna.


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