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Newly identified gene mutation linked to Parkinson’s

Less than two months after publishing findings about a new gene linked to late-onset Parkinson’s disease, the same team of scientists at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute have discovered another gene responsible for the neurodegenerative disease – providing yet another target for potential treatments. Read more

Three research programs win $6M in CIHR grants to promote global health equity

1) Examining the health effects of the global food system through five interconnected projects in Ecuador and Canada.

2) Improving conditions for health workers in low- and middle-income countries.

3) Improving primary health care services for people experiencing the negative health effects of structural inequities and violence, including Aboriginal populations.

Read more

Single parents and gay couples face rental housing discrimination: UBC study

Overall, the study finds that same-sex male couples are nearly 25 per cent more likely to be rejected by landlords seeking renters, while single parents are approximately 15 per cent more likely to be rejected.Read more




  1. anderson, james d says:

    your website refers to alumni news .ie “long time” box but the issue of Fall Trek does not seem to have any such content… I provided info earlier this year..JDA

    1. mawmack says:

      Hi James,

      Your update is in the upcoming November print issue of Trek. At present, we’re not including Class Acts in the online issues.

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