Sue Mills and Sharon Koehn – Self-Managing your Chronic Conditions

Presented by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and Woodward Library, the Health Information Series is an ongoing public lecture series that take place in the Lower Mainland community.

The tasks that individuals must undertake to live well with one or more chronic conditions. These tasks include having the confidence to deal with medical management, role management and emotional management of their conditions. As an expert on chronic disease self-management supports, particularly health programs and everyday intervention techniques, Dr. Sue Mills from the School of Population and Public Health delivers a lively presentation and discussion to the community of Surrey at its newly opened City Centre Library.

The purpose of the Health Information Lecture Series is to foster a better personal health management and a variety of health topics based on the expertise and research that happens at the University of British Columbia’s diverse medical and health sciences program. Through an innovative mix of cutting edge web technologies and important health topics, the Learning Centre offers not only a bridge for UBC faculty and the communities of BC, from the Lower Mainland to rural and remote areas, to create a dialogue around timely topics on the health care needs of British Columbians, but also an opportunity for the transfer and exchange of knowledge, experience and history with these local BC communities.

Are you interested in more about this area?   There are open access resources available online selected by UBC Librarians

Free Medical Journals -

BioMed Central -

Ageline -

Native Health Database -

Population Index -

HLWiki Canada - Base_for_Health_Librarians

Questions for Discussion

What percentage of people live with chronic pain?

How can people with chronic pain learn to manage their pain?

How important is the social network/support for the person with chronic pain?

Some relevant websites for more information

Chronic Pain Association of Canada -

What Are Some UBC Resources That Might Be Helpful for understanding chronic pain management and self-care?

The origins of health and disease by Michael E. Hyland [Available at UBC Okanagan Library - QP356.47 .H95 2011]

Indicators of chronic health conditions: monitoring community-level delivery systems edited by Robert J. Newcomer, A.E. Benjamin [Available at Woodward Library - WT500 .I536 1997]

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