Association Chair’s Message: A Stronger Alumni Voice

Sharp strategy and strong governance are key to the success of organizations. The Alumni Association has spent the past year developing an exciting new vision and strategic plan to guide it through a more intensive phase of alumni engagement. We now stand poised to execute the plan and deliver on our promises.

In the interests of good governance we are introducing a new structure to support the organization as it continues to strengthen the presence and influence of alumni in UBC’s affairs. The biggest change is the recruitment of a new Alumni Advisory Council, chaired by me and comprising a diverse group of up to 40 individuals who represent the breadth and depth of UBC.

The majority of members will be engaged alumni with the right mix of skills, experience and ability. These influential alumni leaders – representing a range of age groups and regions – will be joined on the Council by deans and student representatives. As we seek to grow the organization and expand its reach, the Alumni Advisory Council will provide UBC with a broader range of alumni perspectives and help build a greater sense of the importance alumni play in life of UBC. The diverse membership will also lead to more cohesive and productive relationships across the university.

As well as advising the board and executive director on emerging strategies for engaging UBC alumni, the Council will be available as a unique group for consultation by university leaders on key UBC developments and opportunities. They will be strong community connectors willing to serve as a liaison between the board and their alumni constituencies and peer groups, and, of course, as ambassadors and advocates for UBC and the Association.

In return, Council members will benefit from having a discernible impact on the mission and strategies of the Alumni Association and ultimately UBC. They will also benefit from a network of 39 other influential alumni and a closer tie to their alma mater. The first meeting of the Alumni Advisory Council will take place in January.

2013 promises to be a transformative year in the life of this organization!

View the current list of board members here


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