Other Alumni Books

A Large Harmonium
Coteau Books, $19.95
Sue Sorensen, MA’93, PhD’99

Often comic, sometimes sorrowful novel about a woman who doesn’t understand how she ended up with the life she did.

Nighty-Night: A Bedtime Song for Baby
McKellar & Martin, $8.99
Richard VanCamp, MFA’03

Lullaby board book the whole family will enjoy.

Out of the Box
Orca Book Publishers, $9.95
Michelle Mulder, BA’98, MA’00

A girl’s interest in tango music pulls her into political intrigue and family secrets in this youth novel.

Frontenac House, $16
Rosemary Griebel, MLS’85

Debut poetry collection seeks out the affirmative in all landscapes.

Failure’s Opposite: Listening to A.M. Klein
McGill-Queen’s University Press, $29.95
Edited by Norman Ravvin, BA’86, MA’88, and Sherry Simon

A new perspective on the legacy of this reclusive Canadian literary figure.

Être ou ne pas être un homme: La masculinité dans le roman québécois
Les Éditions David, $36
Victor-Laurent Tremblay, MA’80, PhD’85

A look at Québecois masculinity in literature.

Serpentine: The Evolution and Ecology of a Model System
University of California Press, $70.00
Edited by Nishanta Rajakaruna, MSc’98, PhD’03, and Susan Harrison

In depth study on the ecology of serpentine areas.

The Boy
Oolichan Books, $21.95
Betty Jane Hegerat, MFA’08

What happens when reality and fiction collide?

The Long Hello: The Other Side of Alzheimer’s
Nightwing Press, $14
Cathie Borrie, BSN’78

Personal insights from caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s.

Fractured: Happily Never After?
McKellar & Martin Publishing, $12.99
Joanna Karaplis, BA’04

A collection of three fractured fairytales for young adults.

Bedtime on the Farm
Wedding on the Farm
Last Impression Publication Services, $13.99
DeAnne Mary Allan

Two books for children.

Bumps on a Long Road: Volume I
Cyril Belshaw (former professor)
Webzines of Vancouver, $29

Memoir recounting the author’s career and travels.


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