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How to make global fisheries worth five times more: UBC research

Rebuilding global fisheries would make them five times more valuable while improving ecology, according to a new UBC study […]

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Arts alumna Annamay Pierse joins CTV’s Olympic Games broadcasting team

Canadian breaststroke swimmer and UBC arts alumna Annamay Pierse will head to the London 2012 Olympic Games to join CTV’s Olympic broadcasting team. Pierse will be poolside during every swimming event at the Games as a swimming research coordinator […]

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Stem cells can beat back diabetes: UBC research

University of British Columbia scientists, in collaboration with an industry partner, have successfully reversed diabetes in mice using stem cells, paving the way for a breakthrough treatment for a disease that affects nearly one in four Canadians […]

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Parkinson’s disease gene identified with help of Mennonite family: UBC-VCH research

An international team led by human genetic researchers at UBC and Vancouver Coastal Health has identified the latest gene associated with typical late-onset Lewy body Parkinson’s disease (PD), with the help of a Canadian Mennonite family of Dutch-German-Russian ancestry […]

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Multiple sclerosis patients have lower risk of cancer: UBC-VCH research

Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients appear to have a lower cancer risk, according to a new study led by researchers at UBC and Vancouver Coastal Health. The study, published online in the journal Brain, is the first to investigate overall cancer risk in MS patients in North America. “Because the immune system […]

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UBC alumni honoured at annual recognition dinner

Two UBC alumni were recognized this week for their extraordinary contributions to both UBC and their communities […]

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UBC research receives $2.9 million to improve nutrition of rural Cambodian women and children

UBC and Helen Keller International of Cambodia have received $2.9 million from the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF) for research to increase and diversify food production and nutrition for small, rural households in Cambodia […]

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UBC researchers discover new compounds in wine and grape seeds

Two UBC wine chemists have discovered 14 compounds in wine and grape seeds that have never been previously identified – a finding with potential benefits for the global wine industry […]

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Vancouver, Montreal, Portland and Minneapolis among most “bikeable” cities in North America: UBC research

UBC researchers are making bikeability research easily accessible to consumers and city planners by introducing bikeability “heat maps” in partnership with Seattle-based Walk Score® at www.walkscore.com/bike […]

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Analytic thinking can decrease religious belief: UBC study

A new UBC study finds that analytic thinking can decrease religious belief, even in devout believers […]

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Preventing dementia: new research by VCH and UBC shows the trajectory of cognitive decline can be altered in seniors at risk for dementia

Cognitive decline is a pressing global health care issue. Worldwide, one case of dementia is detected every seven seconds. Mild cognitive impairment is a well recognized risk factor for dementia, and represents a critical window of opportunity for intervening and altering the trajectory of cognitive decline in seniors […]

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UBC revamps MBA for increasingly complex, global marketplace

The Sauder School of Business at UBC today announced a revamped MBA for fall 2012. Offered by Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School, the new program emphasizes hands-on learning, global immersion and integration of business disciplines for a “360-degree” management perspective. Students will travel to one of Sauder’s partner institutions […]

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Early screening for anxiety disorders in children helps prevent mental health concerns: UBC study

A UBC researcher has developed a simple two-question test to screen concern among children. kindergarten-aged children for future anxiety disorders – the most commonly reported mental health […]

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Cyberbullying and bullying are not the same: UBC research

UBC research comparing traditional bullying with cyberbullying finds that the dynamics of online bullying are different, suggesting that anti-bullying programs need specific interventions to target online aggression […]

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