New Strategic Plan for Alumni Association

As old as UBC’s first graduating class, the Alumni Association has adjusted its approach over time to meet the changing needs of members and their alma mater. Today, it is convinced that a bolder and more energizing vision is called for, one that reflects an understanding of alumni as an integral part of their university rather than as external stakeholders.

The philosophy informing this new vision supposes the relationship between UBC and alumni to be at the core of the university, with deeper and broader alumni engagement being an essential component of a globally influential UBC driving world solutions. Now is the optimal time for this critical shift.

A vision, mission, and set of strategic goals have been developed that align with this new thinking and consultation is underway with key stakeholders across the university. At the same time, concrete actions and measurements are being identified to further inform the plan and guide implementation.

This new strategic plan for alumni engagement can propel the association and university to a next level of commitment and action. We’d like your feedback before it undergoes a final review by your Alumni Association board later this year.

Alumni, Forever UBC (PDF)

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