Caption Contest

What the Trek?

Captions please! Send your answers by July 31 to or to the address in the right-hand column. The cleverest caption will be rewarded with a UBC alumni stainless steel insulating flask. It’s free to enter and the odds are better than the national lottery.

eg. BSc'03

Doctor with a T-BirdLast issue’s winning caption was sent in by Norm Moss, BEd’71:

“Your coach is only half right in calling you a birdbrain.”

Norm was delighted to hear he’d won the last UBC alumni travel mug in stock. “I have a small cabin on a lake near here,” says Norm, “and will put my mug on the window ledge overlooking the lake as a reminder of my days at UBC when I knew more than I do today.” We’re happy to know our last mug is going to a good home.


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