Dr. Pullikattil Chacko Simon, MSc’60, celebrated his 99th birthday on March 1, 2012. Dr. Simon worked as a pathologist and research microbiologist at the Canada Department of Agriculture Animal Pathology Laboratory.  He has published many scientific papers, and has contributed to a four volume text book on the infectious diseases of animals, Handbuch der bakteriellen Infektionen bei Tieren. Dr. Simon’s charitable work includes helping  to found The Hatfield Society, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students from low income families in the Greater Vancouver Area, and the Chacko and Lize Simon Scholarship Fund – a fund that provides scholarships to students from  poor families in his native state of Kerala, India. To date, some 3000 scholarships have been awarded. Not content to relax in his retirement, he continues to write and has published 42 articles and two books.

In 1964 Gerry Taylor, BSc’63, MSc’67, left his provincial fisheries biologist position in Victoria to enrol in UBC’s Institute of Fisheries. Gerry completed his master’s degree while working part-time at the Fish and Wildlife Branch, as it was known then. Gerry was assigned to the northern region of BC and worked out of Smithers until early 1969. At the time, industrial developments such as hydro electric projects, natural gas and oil exploration, pipelines, logging, mineral exploration and mines, and highways construction were accelerating in the north. Consequently, early efforts were necessarily confined to identifying urgent inventory needs, providing habitat protection guidelines to industry, and introducing a systematic way of recording  basic fish inventory. For the next  15 years Gerry was involved with developing specialized habitat restoration and enhancement techniques, which were applied  to interior trout lakes and streams and, under the major Salmonid Enhancement Program, coastal steelhead streams. He then served for eight years as a manager responsible for recreational fisheries management and spent the remainder of his career as an inter agency liaison. After enjoying a 34-year career, Gerry retired in 1997, but continued consulting in basic fish biology for an additional five years. Gerry and his wife, Lynne, have been world travellers for over 40 years, having visited backpacking and trekking areas in Switzerland, Scotland, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Newfoundland and most of BC, including 19 trips in the Rockies. Gerry is still fishing for steelhead since his start in 1952!

Frances Welwood has realized a lifelong ambition by publishing a book.
Frances Welwood has realized a lifelong ambition by publishing a book.

Frances Clay Welwood, BA’64, BLS’66, a Nelson, BC, resident for 42 years and 2001 Citizen of the Year, realized a lifetime ambition and wrote a book. Her biography, Passing Through Missing Pages: the intriguing story of Annie Garland Foster [1875-1974], is the culmination of twenty years’ of research, inquiry and writing. In addition to being Nelson’s first elected female alderman in 1920, Annie Foster was also a teacher, nurse, war widow, journalist, biographer of Pauline Johnston and social activist. Frances uncovers the mystery to which Mrs. Foster alluded to, but dismissed from her own memoir written in 1939.

Since leaving UBC, Percy Marshall, BASc’67, has enjoyed a rewarding 44-year career specializing in engineering, project management, sales and marketing, research, management and consulting that has taken him across Canada and overseas. To date, he has published more than 90 articles.

On February 3, 2012, Philip Allingham, BA’68, PhD’88, was the sole Canadian presenter at the Dickens 2012 Bicentennial Conference in Paris. His paper was entitled: Dickens and the Idea of the Dickensian: A Tale of Four Cities. Philip was also one of the few Canadians who attended a wreath-laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey on February 7, 2012, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth. In addition to being the contributing editor of The Victorian Website and editorial consultant to The Dickens Magazine, Philip is an associate professor, Faculty of Education and adjunct professor, Department of English, at Lakehead University.


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