Mitchell (Mitch) Wilson, BSF’10, is currently a Forester in Training with the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals and has been working as a forest engineer on the BC Coast for the past two years. Now he’s part of a team that’s establishing a tree nursery in Mahenge, Tanzania. Mitch initially travelled to Tanzania in 2004 with Dr. Louise Jelik-Aall, founder of the Mahenge Epilepsy Clinic. He returned in 2009 to research the potential for a community tree nursery as part of his forestry degree at UBC. A team determined to see the desperately-needed nursery materialize was formed, and the Ulanga District Tree Nursery (UDTN) was established. The nursery is being managed by local university-trained forest professionals from the Ulanga District Council and will supply 100,000 seedlings  annually for the local community. Last September, 13,000 tree seedlings were sponsored by  small Canadian businesses and individuals. The seedlings are currently growing at the nursery, and will be distributed to the community for planting in November 2012 when the rainy season begins. With hopes of improving livelihoods and sustainability in developing forest-dependent communities, Mitch is now undertaking an  MSc in Tropical Forestry at the Dresden Technical University in Germany.


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