Wendy Hall – When Lullabies Are Not Enough

The Library’s Health Information Series is pleased to present a session on the topic of sleep and its effects on children’s and parent’s health. Dr. Wendy Hall, professor at UBC’s School of Nursing, presents “When Lullabies Are Not Enough: Reducing the Impact of Poor Sleep on Infants, Toddlers & Their Parents” which was held at the Terry Salman Branch Library of the Vancouver Public.  In this talk, Dr. Hall gives parents strategies for improving the sleep patterns of young infants as well as tips and tricks on developing better sleeping habits for parents of these infants leading to better health.


Dr. Hall is the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and professor at UBC’s School of Nursing.   Her current project is called, Better Nights/Better Days: Improving Psychosocial Health Outcomes in Children with Behavioural Insomnia.  Dr. Hall is currently teaching courses in maternal and child health, infant and child growth and development, and research methods. I am also involved in developing interdisciplinary workshops for medical, nursing, and midwifery students. I am particularly interested in facilitating interdisciplinary work and developing student mentoring opportunities.

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