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UBC prof’s super secret has Okanagan connection to Hollywood

Linguist Christine Schreyer developed Kryptonian language for Superman movie […]

First major study of suicide motivations to advance prevention

A UBC study sheds important new light on why people attempt suicide and provides the first scientifically tested measure for evaluating the motivations for suicide […]

Sharks worth more in the ocean than on the menu

New study shows that shark ecotourism currently generates more than US$314 million annually worldwide and is expected to more than double in the next 20 years […]

Sex and BC East Asian teenagers

A new UBC study shows that most East Asian adolescents in BC are not sexually active, but those who are may engage in high-risk sexual behaviours […]

UBC engineer helps pioneer flat spray-on optical lens

A UBC engineer and a team of US researchers have made a breakthrough utilizing spray-on technology that could revolutionize the way optical lenses are made and used […]

Impaired visual signals might contribute to schizophrenia symptoms

By observing the eye movements of schizophrenia patients while playing a video game, a UBC researcher has discovered a potential explanation for some of their symptoms […]

Bird vaccine for West Nile Virus

UBC researchers have developed a vaccine to halt the spread of West Nile Virus (WNV) among common and endangered bird species […]

UBC heart and stroke research gets $35M boost

An unprecedented $35-million funding commitment from the Heart and Stroke Foundation to UBC will advance life-saving research and intervention programs in BC […]


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