Medical Isotopes: Current Supplies (Text)

Molybdenum-99 decays into Technetium-99m, a short‑lived medical radioisotope used in 80% of nuclear medicine procedures.  Canada’s HRU reactor at Chalk River, ON , and the Netherlands’ HFR‑Petten reactor together account for nearly two‑thirds of the world’s supply.

Argentina’s CNEA/RA-3 is 40 years old and supplies 1%

OSIRIS in France is 42 years old and supplies 8%

South Africa’s SAFARI is 43 years old and supplies 3%

BR2 in Belgium is 47 years old and supplies 10%

The Netherlands’ HFR-Petten reactor is 47 years old and supplies 33%

HFR-France, BATAN, AEA, Ludmille/Rusian, Leningrad NPP, MR, SM-3: 4%

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