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20000 Kilos: Apples sold at the annual UBC Apple Festival that took place in October at the UBC Botanical Garden

700: Age of the oldest book in UBC’s collection, recently purchased for $15K at the urging of post‑doctoral fellow Richard Pollard, who  uses it as a vivid teaching tool in his courses on the history of the Middle Ages. (Vancouver Sun– Oct 17, 2013)

Injury‑prevention professionals are 70 per cent more likely to suffer injuries that require medical attention than the general population, according to UBC and University of Cardiff researchers. Mariana Brussoni, a UBC public‑health professor involved in the study has herself suffered a broken rib, broken nose and fractured cheek since she’s been working in the field. (National Post – Oct 2)

250,000: Number of Rwandan toddlers who will benefit from a UBC‑led nutritional program that distributes micro‑nutrient powders to combat malnutrition and anemia.

$77.9m: Amount UBC distributed in merit‑based support to Vancouver and Okanagan students in the 2012‑2013 fiscal year. (UBC Annual Report)

Heroin Cocaine Cannabis
60% 11% 161% Purer
81% 80% 86% Cheaper

The extent to which illegal drugs in the USA became cheaper (average inflation‑adjusted and purity‑adjusted prices) and more  potent between 1990 and 2007, according to a study lead by UBC professor Evan Wood that used government data to assess the effectiveness of the war on drugs. Similar results were found for Europe.

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