Coats of Arms

UBC Crest SketchUBC adopted its coat of arms in 1915, based on a design by first president Frank F. Wesbrook, who also chose the Latin motto Tuum Est. Historian Harry Logan suggested that President Wesbrook envisioned the university as a provincial resource serving and belonging to the people of British Columbia, and that this was reflected in the design – which has obvious links to the provincial coat of arms. The coat of arms has had various iterations over the years.

UBC Crest 2013 In the spring of 2013, the coat of arms underwent more changes – this time to restore its original splendor and ensure consistent, quality rendering for a variety of formats. The design refinements have focused on accurate historical relevance and period vernaculars, including the use of letterforms appropriate to the period.

  • More readable type
  • Cleaner book shape with fewer pages
  • Properly rendered buckles and straps
  • Decorative flourish historically referenced with leaves of vines indigenous to British Columbia
  • Smoother curves on sun rays and waves


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