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For power and status, dominance and skill trump likability

Finding the next Barack Obama or Warren Buffett might be as simple as looking at who attracts the most eyes in a crowd […]

UBC and Fraunhofer Society enter $4.9 million clean energy partnership

The $4.9-million research partnership will advance clean energy research in five critical areas, from wind energy to zero emission vehicles […]

Forget about fair – it’s better when bosses pick favourites

People are more likely to experience heightened self-esteem, follow workplace norms, and perform tasks that benefit a group if a leader treats them relatively better than other people in their group […]

Master switch discovery could provide road map for treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases

Scientists trying to create drugs to treat chronic inflammation in diseases like arthritis now have a new culprit known as MMP2 […]

Construction begins on Canada’s largest radio telescope

The new telescope, with a footprint larger than six NHL hockey rinks, will “listen” for cosmic sound waves and help scientists understand why the universe has expanded rapidly […]

UBC MBA up 25 places in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking

Now ranked third among Canadian schools, the UBC MBA experienced the second largest increase in the ranking overall[…]

BC Skills deficit looming in 2016: More jobs than qualified people unless post-secondary capacity expanded

In 2020, approximately 18,800 jobs could go unfilled because too few British Columbians have the necessary training – 8,400 requiring a university degree, 8,100 a college credential, and 2,300 trades training […]

Body language can predict outcomes for recovering alcoholics

Physical manifestations of shame – from slumped shoulders to narrow chests – can directly predict a relapse in people who struggle with substances […]


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