Campaign Update

Congratulations! In 2012 You Made a Billion Dollar Impact

We have now completed the second public year of UBC’s start an evolution campaign and I have been overwhelmed by the scale and scope of the support we have received from you – our alumni, donors and friends. In the year ending March 31, 2013, you have given over $213 million, putting us over the $1 billion milestone – well on the way to our campaign goal of $1.5 billion. I congratulate you on this historic achievement which means that we can do so much more for our students, researchers and communities.

We are also well on the way to achieving our goal of involving 50,000 alumni annually in the life of the university by 2015. On any measure it has been a terrific year and I thank you for your whole-hearted support.

This year we are sharing a report on both giving and receiving, as your support is not just measured in numbers, but in impact. Your gifts go towards providing powerful opportunities for real change in the university and beyond.

Most of these stories are about individuals, and how their lives have been affected by the work we do at UBC. But more than that, they’re about communities: how our community of donors has joined with us to build a better future here in British Columbia and around the world.

Congratulations again and thank you for your continuing support of UBC.

Stephen J. Toope

President and Vice-Chancellor
The University of British Columbia

Campaign Update

Spreading the Health

New travel award encourages a global perspective on healthcare

Twenty-six years after Karim Damji volunteered as a UBC medical student in a clinic in a poor mountain village of Sierra Leone, the ophthalmologist and frequent international volunteer is leading the MD Class of 1987 to establish the first travel award for medical students with the desire to explore global health.

Dr. Damji, his classmates and friends have donated more than $63,000 to the Faculty of Medicine to endow the Travel Award in Global Health, which will help cover travel costs of fourth-year medical students participating in global health electives.

“When it came up to our 25th anniversary, I thought it was time to give back,” Dr. Damji says. “Students need financial support to avail themselves of global health encounters and opportunities. For me, it’s all about the ethic of global citizenship, of sharing, caring and learning, and passing it on to the next generation. It’s part of who I am as an Ismaili Muslim.”

“The award will recognize students who dedicate a great deal of their own time to organizing global health projects, conducting research, advocating for low-resource and vulnerable populations and fund-raising for project-related costs,” says Videsh Kapoor, an assistant clinical professor and director of the Division of Global Health. “These students are contributing to and impacting how UBC engages in global health while empowering communities to address issues that affect their health outcomes.”

Hillary Quinn, (MD’12) a family medicine resident who travelled to rural India in both her second and fourth years of medical school at UBC, says the travel award will encourage more students to get involved in global health.

“I spent time in India before medical school, and by going back, I was able to stay inspired,” says Dr. Quinn. “I needed to see how my skills could bring about clear and apparent change.”

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