Executive Director’s Message: Alumni First

You may have read in the previous edition of Trek that your Alumni Association has been undergoing a strategic re-positioning so as to provide our alumni with the intellectual stimulation, the services and the support networks they need as they make their way in the world.

As part of this initiative, Trek itself has been re-designed to be more open, visually inviting and relevant to a broad alumni audience. As a broad-based magazine, it needs to span all of our 290,000 alumni from those in their early 20s to those in their 90s and beyond!

In tandem with the Trek re-design, our branded communications materials, as seen on the website, in brochures and emails, have been completely re-designed under the new name of alumni UBC.

In this fresh approach, alumni literally come first, representing the Alumni Association’s member-driven approach. You will see the new look everywhere in our communications

from this point onwards. We have also adopted a tagline to be used with the logo where appropriate: “It’s yours.” Of course this is a translation of the university’s Latin motto “Tuum est”, but for alumni it also means that this is your association. You don’t belong to the association, the association belongs to you. And because alumni UBC is a self-governing alumni association alongside the university, it means your voice as an alumnus can and will be heard.

In line with the new strategic vision and brand, we look forward to continuing the enhancement of communications, services and events to better help you on your journey through life as UBC alumni.

It’s yours!


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