In Memorium

Daniel Alexander, BSF’75

1952 – 2012. Daniel Alexander was a remarkable man. He joined Rustad Bros. almost 40 years ago as a fresh forestry graduate and over the course of his long career grew to be a great manager. He was innovative, always fair, cared for his people and, without a doubt, was a devoted family man.

In his 20 years with Rustad Bros., Dan became known as a competent and well-respected leader. He served as the plant manager and then president of Rustad Bros. for Northwood. When Northwood was sold to Canfor, Dan moved on to Weldwood, in Quesnel, as manager of the plywood plant. When Weldwood was sold, Dan went to BC Forestry Innovation Investment. There he analyzed and made recommendations on proposals for mountain pine beetle projects. His most current position was general manager of the Canfor Quesnel Division.

Dan was a professional forester in the best sense of the word “professional.” He cared about the forest as a whole and not just as a way to make a living. He was always able to find solutions and, in doing so, made a remarkable contribution to the industry.

The things that made Dan a good manager also meant that in his private life he was an organized, kind and caring husband, father and grandfather. Dan is survived by his loving wife, Sue, his children, Bruce and Erin, and his grandchildren, Tavish, Avery and Josh. Dan enjoyed being a father and, although it was cut short, he was making the most of being a grandfather too.

While it’s unfair Dan passed away so young, he certainly lived a good life. He was a smart, kind, caring man, and his friends and colleagues are all better off because of the part Dan played in each of their lives.