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Twitter Bird“I despise Twitter, truthfully. I think it’s one of the worst things that’s been created in my lifetime, and so there’s no way I’m going to go on it. I dislike everything about it. I think that the notion of the immediate reaction to something without any reflection, the idea that you can say anything that matters in the limited number of characters you’re given, and that you have to do it immediately, and everyone will respond immediately with no reflection, I think it’s the worst of our society, so no.”

UBC president Stephen Toope on being asked by The Ubyssey why he doesn’t have a Twitter account.


“The two things that struck me the most were the incredible calm of the victims, even though they were obviously experiencing something no human being should ever have to experience. Incredibly calm and able to help us take care of them.”

Alumnus Ron Walls, MD’79, quoted in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. He is chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the stricken city’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. (The Boston Globe, April 16)


“She’s brought so much experience. She’ll say something amazing and all 23 eyes will be on her.”

UBC senior hockey captain Kaylee Chanakos on Danielle Dube, a former Team Canada hockey goalie who at age 36, is back in the game as a university freshman. (Globe & MailMarch 6)


“I’d love to see the creation of a course geared towards multicultural cuisines. I believe when you eat food from all over the world, you become more tolerant towards other human beings.”

Vancouver chef Vikram Vij, who has contributed $250,000 for the extensive makeover of a UBC culinary lab originally built in 1982. (UBC Reports, November 1, 2012)


“He can’t just stand there and say ‘I am the Mini-Me of Chávez and now you have to follow me.’”

UBC professor Maxwell A. Cameron quoted in an article on whether newly elected Venezualen president Nicolas Maduro will continue to imitate the style of recently deceased mentor, Hugo Chavez. (New York Times, March 6)


“In a tournament, you would never play on a surface like this. This was almost like playing on ice.”

EndquoteItalian tennis player Andreas Seppi on the tennis court surface in the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre at UBC, on which he lost against Canada’s Milos Raonic in the Davis Cup Quarterfinals. The result meant Canada is advancing to the semifinal for the first time. (Globe & Mail, April 7)



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