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Broad-based admissions is a student application process based both on grades and personal experiences. It requires applicants to answer four to six personal profile questions in addition to providing secondary school marks. The questions give applicants the opportunity to talk about their learning, experiences, and goals.

By reading these student applications, volunteers play a vital role in helping to shape the community of students and future alumni of UBC.  In the fall of 2013, alumni from  various class years and faculties were recruited to help read more than 30,000 profiles for the faculties of Applied Science, Forestry, Land and Food Systems, and Science, and the School of Kinesiology.

One of them was  Kim Hirst, BPE’81, DAHY’83:

Kim Hirst
Kim Hirst, BPE’81, DAHY’83

1. Why did you decide to volunteer as a reader?

I saw the opportunity to apply in an edition of the Kinesiology alumni newsletter and thought it would be an interesting and meaningful way to give back to my university.

2. What did it involve?

After filling out the application, I heard from UBC Enrolment Services regarding the training that was required. I chose to do the training online as I work full time and live in North Vancouver. The training documentation and testing was very thorough and gave you lots of opportunity to practice. Once past the training, I received 10 applications a week to read and grade. I found I was able to do a lot more than that as I had most evenings free and weekends as well. Some weeks I graded as many as 60.

3. What did you get out of the experience?

I found the experience very rewarding and enriching as it allowed me to use my analytical skills and to learn more about students from around the world. I realized how global UBC has become since I attended in the late 70s. It also has made me proud to be an alumna of UBC, knowing that such talented people are attending the university and that in a small way I am contributing to it.

4. Any words of wisdom for alumni thinking about applying?

I would highly recommend the experience to all alumni. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was easy to do from the comfort of your own home. The most important thing I can advise is to keep up with the weekly submissions and just do a few a night if you’re strapped for time. To read 10 applications requires approximately 1 ½ hours per week, so you just need to budget your time. BBA readers were also offered nice incentives last year for reaching a certain number of reads, which was an unexpected bonus.

This year, we are seeking alumni volunteers like Kim who are passionate about UBC, interested in learning more about prospective students, and committed to thoroughly reviewing applications with accuracy, consistency and freedom from bias using a standardized scoring guide. All volunteers are required to complete an online orientation and training module as well as pass a profile-scoring test.  Applications will be accepted until October 13, 2014.

More information and application details

More information on Broad-based admissions



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