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618 million: The number of Chinese Internet Users, according to visiting professor from Hong Kong University, Ying Chan. “China is already a digital superpower. The sheer size of the Chinese digital economy has made the country a leading producer and consumer of digital products,” she says. (UBC Reports, February 27)

100 kgs: Daily amount of carbon dioxide that will be converted into chemicals for cement manufacturing at a Richmond plant, in a new pilot project using  technology developed at UBC. (The Province, April 9)

32%: A new study co-authored by UBC professor Tony J. Pitcher estimates that up to 32% of wild fish imported to the US is illegally caught. US inspectors are not required to ask for proof of origin. (The Washington Post, April 20)

$1.5 billion: In February, as part of the federal budget, late Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the government’s 10‑year commitment to the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, to support Canadian leadership in global research and innovation.

162: The number of panels on a community mural being created in Vancouver by Foster Eastman to raise funds for the Vancouver Transition Network, a peer-based support program initiated at UBC to ease veterans’ transition back into civilian life. Each panel represents a Canadian killed in Afghanistan.

1,000: The number of miles a concept car developed by UBC students can travel on a single gallon of gas. (Metro, April 20)

18,000: More than 18,000 rare and unique early photographs of BC from the 1850s to the 1970s have been gifted to UBC by Uno  and Dianne Langmann. The images will be preserved, digitized and made public.


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