UBC in Numbers (Text)

UBC’s annual operating budget in 1915
$2.1 billion
UBC’s annual operating budget today.

Number of students in 1915/16 (counting those serving overseas in the First World War)
Number of UBC students in 2014/15, (8,212 of them on the Okanagan campus, and 11,965 of them international students from 139 countries)

“When I arrived at UBC in 1974, there were more totem poles on campus than Aboriginal students,” ~ Victor Jim, BEd’78, MEd’99, Wet’suwet’en First Nation member and graduate of the Native Indian Teacher Education Program established at UBC in 1974. (UBC News, October 21, 2014)

Number of Aboriginal students studying at UBC in 2014/15

Number of alumni in 1916

Number of (living) alumni today

5 cents
Cost of a Streetcar ticket in 1915
Cost of a monthly U-Pass (a universal transit pass for UBC students)

Full- and part-time faculty members (1915-16)
UBC faculty (2014/15)

$40 per year
The University imposed its first tuition fees in 1920.
$166.27 per credit
Tuition fee for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, 2014/15

Number of volumes in UBC’s library when it opened in 1915.
> 6 million
The number of volumes (physical and digital), in UBC’s library 2014-15

“We now have table service whereas in the old Pit it was walk-up service. And really, really, really good food. Now we are a proper pub bistro outlet.” ~ Gary Carlson, Pit Pub manager (Georgia Straight, June 26, 2015)

.40 cents
How much a bottle of beer set you back at the Pit in 1973 (Reference)
Price of a domestic beer at today’s Pit, now operating out of swanky new premises in the new students’ building.

Number of YouTube views of UBC’s 2011 LipDub Video “Raise Your Glass

The amount offered to architects by the provincial government in 1912 to reward the winning design for a campus at Point Grey.

“…this university scheme contemplates erecting on a magnificent site, visible to every ship entering Vancouver, a small city capable of being made one of the most interesting and beautiful in the world.”
~ From the BC provincial government’s 1912 document inviting architects to submit their plans for UBC’s Point Grey campus.

$531 million research funding for 8,278 projects in 2014-15
The proportion of all post-secondary research conducted in British Columbia for which UBC is responsible. (Reference)
Number of companies spun off from UBC research

Among current or former faculty and alumni:
2 Canadian prime ministers
7 Nobel prize winners
69 Rhodes Scholars
195 Royal Society of Canada members
241 Olympians, representing a tally of 65 medals


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