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Take Note – Trek Online (February 2015)

UBC astronomer confirms a new “Super-Earth” planet
UBC astronomer Jaymie Matthews, who doubles as a mission scientist with Canada’s first space telescope, is a key player in the discovery of a new exoplanet, out beyond our solar system […]

UBC engineers develop biochem point-of-care lab for smartphones
Your smartphone could soon become a handheld chemistry and biochemistry laboratory capable of detecting evidence of chronic health conditions, infectious diseases, chemical weapons and biohazards […]

UBC Library acquires 800-year-old medieval Papal document
An extraordinary Papal document that’s nearly 800 years old has become a valuable teaching and research tool at UBC […]

Crowdsourcing and chaos: how social media can save the day
When a powerful earthquake devastated China’s Sichuan province in 2008, the disaster was too catastrophic for authorities to stay on top of events as they unfolded. But a new study from Sauder shows that a top down approach might not have been the best way to deal with the massive emergency anyway. […]

Peter A. Allard, Q.C., donates $30 million to UBC Faculty of Law
UBC Law alumnus Peter A. Allard, Q.C., has donated $30 million to UBC’s Faculty of Law, the largest gift ever to a Canadian law school […]

Heart problems triggered by climate change could devastate Chinook salmon stocks
Chinook salmon can acclimate to a warmer environment with subtle changes to cardiac functions, but only up to a point […]

Legends of tennis Sampras and McEnroe to battle at UBC
It will be a tennis clash of the titans on May 2, 2015, when John McEnroe plays Pete Sampras at the UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre […]

Check less to reduce email stress
New UBC research suggests that easing up on email checking can help to reduce psychological stress […]

Universal prescription drug coverage more cost-effective, improves seniors’ health outcomes: study
Universal coverage would ensure better access, equity and efficiency for seniors, says a study by UBC researchers […]

Elevated toxic metals at community garden site raise concerns: UBC research
Elevated levels of toxic metals at a Vancouver community garden site raise questions about the city’s approach to promoting urban agriculture, say UBC researchers […]


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