J. F. D. Ilott, BEd’64

1938 – 2014

A gentle giant to everyone he knew, our dad communicated in actions, not words. Born and raised in BC, Fred finished his master’s degree at the University of Western Washington in 1967. He finished his PhD in education at the University of Missouri in an astounding three years. The motivation behind his speed became apparent when, upon graduation, he returned to Bellingham and quickly married his former classmate, Helen Matthews (née Bresnahan). The new family moved to Canada, where Fred became a professor at the University of Alberta. In 1996 Fred and Helen moved to the Hood Canal and built their retirement home. He is predeceased by his parents, Fred and Cecilia, and his wife, Helen. He is lovingly remembered by his sister, Leslie (Leo); his children, Lorin Matthews (Kerry), Marna Matthews (Paul), and Wendy Ilott (Tobi); and his grandchildren, Sarah, Tom, Alex and Chris.


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  1. Pat Juelfs nee Marples says:

    I remember your family from the 50,s in North Vancouver. Such a long time ago. So sorry to hear of your loss.

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