It’s Yours

Welcome to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, your home for life in the heart of our Vancouver campus – inspired by UBC’s unique modernist tradition of campus architecture. A LEED Gold sustainable structure, it features expansive glass walls and extensive use of Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar in the public spaces of the interior, providing a warm and distinctly West Coast home for current, past and future students.

Starting with a conversation in 1999 and 16 years in the making, the centre was imagined and driven by alumni volunteers and funded, in part, through the generous donations of more than 1,000 UBC grads. Its primary purpose is as a meeting place where alumni can learn, mentor, network and celebrate. The venue will be the host space for alumni UBC lectures, social events and continuing education. There are seven different function spaces, each designed for unique needs and all available for rental with preferred rates for alumni. The facility also includes the Graham Lee Innovation Centre and the Wong‑Trainor Welcome Centre, making it the front door for everyone who visits campus.

Inside, an exciting experience awaits in more than 40,000 square feet of space that includes exhibits and an interactive display chronicling UBC’s history and the achievements of its alumni.

Make a permanent impression in your new campus home

Time is running out! The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your name on the stunning Points of Light donor wall in the new Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre ends soon. Donate $1,000 or more and your name will be included on the donor wall, located in the main floor atrium. Visit



  1. Anand Deb says:

    Proud to be an UBC Alumni! The energy in the campus is always inspiring. Looking forward to visiting the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

  2. Everett Peterson says:

    Very impressive interior use of Douglas-fir and western redcedar. We look forward to a visit soon and to experience the feeling of the new alumni centre.

  3. Donna Leemet says:

    Proud to be an UBC Alumni is something I agree. What class, well done!

  4. Roberto Ong says:

    Impressive, intelligent architecture. On a fine day the whole building is immersed in the radiance of natural light, suggesting amiability, generosity, and openness. Yes, it’s yours, and mine too; use it well.

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