Maria Klawe, LLD’10, has been named one of the 67 Influential Educators Who Are Changing the Way We Learn. The list, curated by Noodle Education, is comprised of teachers, administrators, policymakers, researchers and activists whose innovations reach learners across the globe and are transforming the way people think.

Kendall Titchener, BA’10, has a business venture, Pixelated Pinto, a web‑based career resource for millennials. It’s a resource for anyone looking to plug into the startup scene – either through a job, events, classes, or launching their first startup or tech business.

Dan Werb, MSc’10, PhD’13, a globally recognized expert on the impact of drug policies on health, has been appointed director and scientific board chair of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. He was also recently named a recipient of the Avenir Award, a prestigious US$1.5 million research grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reserved for highly impactful and innovative research studies at the nexus of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. His innovative project is dubbed PRIMER, “Preventing Injecting by Modifying Existing Responses.” Over five years, PRIMER will test ways of preventing injection drug use by using programs like methadone maintenance therapy and supervised injection sites to reduce the likelihood that people who currently inject drugs expose and initiate others into this behaviour.

Zoe Shipley
Zoe Shipley

In the summer of 2015, Zoe Shipley, BA’11, studied model community‑based efforts to preserve Bornean species along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah (East Malaysia) on the island of Borneo. Shipley, a SUN AmeriCorps member and Community Involvement Specialist at Clear Creek Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon, took the graduate course in pursuit of her master’s degree from Miami University’s Global Field Program.

Naomi Casiro, MPT’12, has founded NeuroFit BC, which offers specialized exercise classes for people living with Parkinson’s, including boxing classes. Casiro was featured on Global News and CKNW radio talking about the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s, and why boxing is so effective at treating symptoms. Find out more at: www.neurofitbc.com

Mix Hart, MA’12, has launched his debut young adult novel Queen of the Godforsaken with Thistledown Press: Lydia finds herself unable to relate to her peers at school or to her new surroundings in rural Saskatchewan. To top it all off, her parents are constantly fighting and abandoning Lydia and her younger sister, Victoria, for days on end. Soon the sisters have had enough, and they decide to set out alone into the brutal Saskatchewan winter.

Christine Wilson
Christine Wilson has joined Copley Wolff

Christine Wilson, MLA’12, brings nearly 10 years of landscape planning and design experience to her new position with Copley Wolff. Her breadth of work includes a variety of project types ranging from residential, civic, and commercial landscapes to urban and open space plans. In her new role, Wilson oversees projects from the initial planning stages through design and construction. Before joining Copley Wolff, she was a project landscape designer with PLACEWORKS in Berkeley, Ca. In this role, she provided design expertise on a variety of projects (urban greening plans, streetscape and open space plans, park and trail designs) and organized community outreach events to facilitate project implementation.

Ashton Louie, BA’15, has a startup, GradsLikeMe, which is a jobs listing platform for students and recent grads. It was created to help reduce Canadian youth unemployment and Louie would like to grow it into the go‑to resource for young job seekers who want to find jobs that meet their qualifications, build online portfolios to showcase their abilities, and connect with forward‑thinking employers.

Emma WindsorLiscombe, BA’15, has established an independent publishing company in Vancouver, BC, called Rarebit Press.


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