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Kid not sleeping? Help is on the way

Parents of children who don’t sleep well have a new resource to help them develop better sleep habits and routines for their child […]

Optimal walking and cycling speeds

Cyclists should be riding at speeds between 12 and 20 kilometres per hour, while pedestrians should be moving at two to six kilometres per hour on city roads to minimize their inhalation of air pollution […]

Removing cancer’s “invisibility cloak”

UBC researchers have discovered how cancer cells become invisible to the body’s immune system, a crucial step that allows tumours to metastasize and spread throughout the body […]

New Canadian Media Startup

UBC journalism professors have been awarded approximately $200,000 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to support the launch of a national version of the globally successful non-profit academic journalism site […]

UBC purchases “the most beautiful of all printed books”

A new chapter in teaching is about to begin for the UBC Library with the acquisition of one of the world’s most extraordinary books […]

How do hummingbirds avoid crashes?

Hummingbirds are among nature’s most agile fliers. They can travel faster than 50 kilometres per hour and stop on a dime to navigate through dense vegetation […]

Does marijuana cause laziness?

New research from the University of British Columbia suggests there may be some truth to the belief that marijuana use causes laziness — at least in rats […]

Canada leads health promotion on campuses

Canadian universities are leading an international effort to create campuses that will improve the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff […]


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