Celebrating UBC’s Best

UBC alumni are capable of amazing things. On November 1, at the alumni UBC Achievement Awards, we honoured eight inspiring members of the UBC community who, through their extraordinary endeavours, have taken the lead on important issues to create positive social change. Below, you’ll find highlights from the night and video profiles of our 2016 award recipients.

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Alumni Award of Distinction

Dr. Philip Lind, CM, BA’66, LLD’02


Global Citizenship Award

Dr. Tara Cullis, BA’70


Faculty Community Service Award

Dr. C. James Frankish, BA’82, MA’86, PhD’90

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Honorary Alumnus Award

Dr. Herbert Rosengarten

Volunteer Leadership Award

Dr. Donald (BSc’68, MD’70) and Elizabeth (BSc’70) MacRitchie

Young Alumnus Award

Dr. Jessica Otte, MD’09


Future Alumnus Award

Christopher Roach, BSc’10

The next Awards recipients won’t raise their own hands. That’s why we need you.

The accomplishments of the members of UBC’s global community of alumni represent an inspiring account of positive social, cultural, and economic change in the world. Please help us recognize UBC alumni who are advancing their ambitions for a better world.

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The deadline for nominations is January 27, 2017.


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  1. Congratulations, Professor Rosengarten!!!!!!!!! Just saw the video posting of your UBC Acheivement Award. Well deserved recognition of your life-long contribution to our university. I remember you with affection and respect as Head of English, our Honours English seminar prof, author of the Broadview Reader, and much more. I am writing from Lima, Peru, where I am following your good example. Best regards, Matthew Allen, Ph.D. ,1993

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