When I was a Student

1940s & 50s

J. Peter McGeer, BA’44, MA’46
Margaret Cox, BA’50, MD’55
Joseph Perdue, BASc’52
Clarence Madhosingh, BSc’54, MA’58
Walley Lightbody, BA’56, LLB’59
Michael Meagher, BSF’57, PhD’76
Steve (Istvan) Tolnai, BSF’59


Jim McGibbon, BA’60
Elizabeth Lee
, BHE’62
William deWaal, BSc’66, PhD’70
Larry Fournier, BCom’61
Alan Coode, BASc’62, MSc’63
Peter Herke, BASc’63
Roger McKay, BPE’65
Carole Geertje Joling (née Bregaint), BA’67, BLS’69
Helen Rose Pauls (née Goerzen), BEd’69


Marilyn Marshall, (née Godfrey), BA’70
Brian Mahood
, BSc’70
David Pacey, BSF’71
John Reche, BASc’71, MASc’73
Maurice Prevost, BSc’72
Bill Wilson, LLB’73
Michael Morris, BArch’73
Jon Pearkins, BSc’74
Margaret Parlor (née Mathews), LLB’76
Hugh Laidlaw, BA’76
Franco DePieri, BASc’77
Margaret Louise Stinson, BEd’78
Mary Louise Wakefield (née Campbell), BA’78
Charles Carter, BA’79, DipEd


Anin Goyal, MSc’83
Barb Kroeker, BPE’84
Cheryl Mason, MD’84
Alfred Ng, BASc’84, MAS’87, PhD’92
Jason Bosher, BSc’85
Elizabeth Dyson, BSc’86
Kris Gustavson (née Cholyk), BSN’86, MSN’01
Ed Neeland
, PhD’88


Heather Cole, BSc’91
Marietta Einarson, BA’91, DipEd’96
Joanne Hartung (nee Siebert), BEd’91, DipEd’99
Heather Hastie, BA’93, BEd’95
Ana-Maria Gidofalvi, BSc’99


Corey Aurala, BASc’03
Margaret Shamro (née Bright), BSN’06
Naomi Tweddle, BASc’07
Lishan Luo, BSc’09


Kelly Ng, BASc’10
Keith Martin, BASc’10
Kent Su, BA’13
JoyAnne Krupa, BSN’10
Virginie Fostroy, BA’14


[icon type=file-pdf-o] Stories from St. John’s College alumni (PDF)


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