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Canada spends over $400 million on medicine that harms seniors

Canada spends more than $400 million annually on drugs prescribed to seniors even though the medicines should be avoided for older patients, according to new UBC research […]

Montreal households the greenest in Canada: UBC study

Montreal homes are the most sustainable in the country, and Edmonton’s the least, according to a new UBC study […]

Faces aren’t always to be believed when it comes to honesty

UBC Okanagan researchers have determined that certain facial features, not the expression, influence whether people think someone is trustworthy […]

Why people hoard and how to provide compassionate help (video)

UBC psychologist Sheila Woody offers insight into why people hoard, and how we can find compassionate ways to help them and their loved ones cope […]

School-based LGBTQ policies may reduce suicide attempts and health-care costs

According to a new report by UBC, LGBTQ support programs in schools could significantly reduce suicide attempts, binge drinking and other risky behaviours among both straight and sexual minority students […]

Half of patients with depression are inadequately treated

New UBC research shows that about 50 per cent of British Columbians with depression are not receiving even the most basic level of care […]


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