How to Effectively Connect and Engage with a Professional Mentor featuring Amielle Lake, BA'02

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or developing your own career, access to mentorship can very well be your most powerful tool. Like all relationships in life, there are some ground rules and tips to forging the right connection. In this webinar you'll learn how you can find your dream mentor and forge a successful professional relationship.

About Amielle Lake, BA’02

Amielle Lake, BA’02, founded Tagga in 2008 after working in marketing and corporate communications in the finance industry. In February 2017, Tagga was acquired by Campaign Monitor. Selling the company she spent 9 years building was a long and challenging journey that ultimately ended well. Amielle credits much of her success to the incredible support and invaluable lessons that she received from mentors along the way. Amielle currently sits on the board of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and is an advisor to three start-ups in the Vancouver community. Amielle holds an MBA and is a published author.

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