From Boss to Leader: 3 Keys to Authentic Leadership featuring Rosalyn C. Raindancer BA’06

Leadership—the ability to effectively influence and inspire a group of people to work towards a shared vision—has become a quintessential skill whether you are a CEO at the top or a mailroom worker at the bottom.

In this webinar you will learn more about the differences between a "boss" and an "authentic leader," including:

  • The top 3 most common challenges CEO’s/Founders, executives, managers, and other business leaders face, whether you are a solo operation or have a small-to-medium sized team
  • The top 3 leadership qualities that counteract those challenges and that will make you highly effective and deeply inspiring at the same time
  • A powerful exercise to get clear on your personal leadership style so you can focus on “being” rather than “doing”

After viewing this, you are sure to have the practical tools necessary to transform your leadership style.

About Rosalyn Raindancer

Rosalyn C. Raindancer is the Founder of The Conscious CEO Experience™, the world’s first integrated leadership development and strategic growth consulting company. Rosalyn believes that leadership is the foundation for success in business, and that entrepreneurship is the most powerful vehicle for change in the world today.

Rosalyn is committed to supporting Founders & CEO’s of small to medium sized enterprises who struggle with stress and burnout to elevate their authentic leadership so that they can be more effective leaders who grow sustainable companies and inspire high-performing teams.

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