Douglas Padraic Ormrod, BASc’56

Douglas OrmrodMay 1934 – September 2017

Doug was raised on the family farm in Langley and went on to study agronomy at UBC. Doug taught and conducted research at a number of universities, predominantly UBC, University of Guelph and University of Victoria. Doug was driven to succeed and reached the peak of his career at Guelph as dean of Graduate Studies; however, in “retirement” at UVic, he was able to return to his passion: teaching and directly guiding the learning of students. Doug had graduate students from all over the world, and he managed to travel much of it throughout the years. By all accounts, Doug had a very successful career and life, although he was plagued by mental health issues and, at age 75, was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If you would like to remember Doug, a contribution to an organization such as the Canadian Mental Health Association would be appropriate.