The number of alumni and friends who attended the “party of the century” held on UBC’s Vancouver campus to celebrate the 100th anniversary of alumni UBC.


Amount paid for a journal believed to be the earliest first-hand account of BC by an English woman. The journal, now part of UBC’s Rare Books and Special Collections, was written by Susannah Weynton (née Hack, 1821-1901), wife of Captain Alexander John Weynton of the Hudson’s Bay Company supply ship Cowlitz.


UBC’s position in the annual Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2018. It was one of four Canadian universities to make the top 100 and has moved up two places since last year. The University of Oxford was ranked top.


The number of Olympic-sized swimming pools that could be filled every year with fish discarded by industrial fishing fleets due to poor practices and management, according to researchers at UBC and the University of Western Australia. (UBC News, June 26)

7 quadrillion

The number of computer operations that occur every second on CHIME, Canada’s new radio telescope (see Take Note). This rate is equivalent to every person on Earth performing one million multiplication problems every second.


Percentage of first-year UBC students surveyed who believed that their peers had made more friends at university than they had. This misperception affects their well‑being, and the researchers (from UBC and Harvard) think it may inform initiatives designed to help new students adapt to university life.


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