2017 Alumni Builder Awards Recipients

Congratulations to our Alumni Builders

Created exclusively to commemorate the 100th year of alumni UBC, the Alumni Builder Awards recognize a cross-section of alumni representing all faculties who have significantly contributed to the university and enriched the lives of others, and in doing so have supported alumni UBC’s mission of realizing the promise of a global community with shared ambition of a better world and an exceptional UBC. We are proud to honour the following alumni whose contributions have been recognized by UBC faculty, advisory councils, and other leadership groups to mark our 100th year.

Mr. Peter A. Allard, QC, BA’68, LLB’71
Claudio I. Arato, BSc’89, BASc’91
Jacob Austin, PC, QC, OBC, BA’54, LLB’55, LLD’11
Lawrence I. Bell, OBC, BA’61, LLD’04
Daniel R. Bowditch, BASc’71
W. G. Burch, BASc’48
Peter Busby, CM, BArch’77
Anthony C. B. Cheng, MD’67
Ignatius K. Chong, BCom’82
Billy K. Chow, BSc’86, PhD’91
Wallace B. Chung, CM, OBC, OC, DSc’94
Angela Crane, PhD’14
Brenda Currie, DipDh’76, BDSc’04, MSc’07
Andre De Leebeeck, BASc’76
Meeru Dhalwala, LLD’16
Allan G. Doig, BA’73
Catherine A. Ebbehoj, BSN’75, MSN’99
Morna A. Edmundson, BMus’81
David K. Eto, BSc(Agr)’85
Dr. Jennifer L. Gardy, BSc’00
Paul L. Geyer, BASc’88
Andrew Halper, LLB’81, BA’83
Blake M. Hanna, MBA’82
David F. Hardwick, MD’57, LLD’01
Dr. Ossama R. Hassanein, MASc’74, MBA’76
David L. Hemerling, BSc’89, DMD’93
Frederick J. Hume, BCom’68
Marietta E. Hurst, BA’57, MEd’82
Frank Iacobucci, QC, CC, BCom’61, LLB’62, LLD’89
Nelson R. Jatel, BSc’98, MA’14
Elizabeth A. Johnson-Lee, BSc’88, DMD’92
Satnam Lalli, BSc(Pharm)’80
Michelle S. Lee, BCom’92
Peter P. Lee, BCom’89
Angelique O. Leung, BSc’84, DMD’88
Joanna Leung, BCom’91
William H. Levine, BA’63
Gerald L. Ma, BCom’90
Stephanie K. Ma, BSc’00, MSc’03
Laura Mandelbaum, BA’08
Rebecca L. Matts, BA’97
Ann McAfee, BA’62, MA’67, PhD’75
Jason D. McLean, BA’95, LLB’99
R. Christine Melton, MD’77
Julia P. Montgomery, BA’57
Sarah A. Morgan-Silvester, BCom’82
Doug T. Nielsen, DMD’72
Aleksey Novicov, BASc’81
Dr. Peter H. Pearse, CM, BSF’56
Marion L. Pearson, BSc(Pharm)’82, MA’08, PhD’14
Sherry L. Priebe, BDSc’03, MSc’09
Francis M. K. Pun, BASc’94
Bryce Rositch, BA’76, BArch’80
Gerald R. Skinner, BA’65
Gregory E. Smallenberg, BLArch’88
Dr. Kenneth A. Spencer, BASc’67, PhD’72
Harold L. Steves, BSc(Agr)’63
Anne M. Stewart, QC, BSc ‘72, LLB’75
David Sweet, OC, DMD’78
Beverley L. Tamboline, BA’53, MD’60
Ali Tehrani, PhD’04
Sheldon Trainor-DeGirolamo, BCom’88
Andrew H. Tsang, BSc’96, DMD’97
Leon Tuey, BEd(Sec)’64, and Joan Tuey, BEd(Elem)’63
Praveen K. Varshney, BCom’87
P. Joan Wasylik, BA’77
Tim C. Watson, BASc’82
Wayne B. White, BASc’67
William F. White, BASc’67
Carmen C. Wong, BSc’03
Dr. John G. Worrall, BSF’63
Victor J. Yang, LLB’70, BCom’72
Ernest Yee, BA’83, MA’87
Joseph Yu, MBA’71


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