Edelgard Mahant - Grandma's Gone to Africa cover artEdelgard Mahant (née Petzelt), BA’62, was not prepared to retire when she reached the age of 65 in 2006. She loved her job as a professor at York University so much that she found another one like it, in Botswana. There she became a part of local life – not a visitor, but a professor who, like the locals, travelled on the mini‑buses and shopped in the supermarkets. After returning to Canada in 2012, she wrote a book about her life in Botswana: Grandma’s Gone to Africa. One Woman’s Journey to Botswana the Good. (Toronto: EP2M Enterprises, 2016). It is her first non‑academic book; she hopes that readers will find it enjoyable, amusing and perhaps even informative.

Richard Garner, BSc’63, (MD’67, Johns Hopkins), continues to practice orthopaedic surgery in Anchorage, Alaska, with a tentative retirement date of April 2018.

Rick AtkinsonRick Atkinson, BCom’64, published his second book on retirement planning in the summer of 2016. Strategies for Retiring Right! is designed to help readers build a personal retirement plan to enhance life after work. Rick’s first book, Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! (2009) became a bestseller. He is founder of RA Retirement Advisors (Toronto), helping boomers successfully transition into retirement. For information, visit www.whencaniretire.info.

Fred AffleckFred and Margaret AffleckFred Affleck, BA(Hons)’66, is celebrating 45 years in Australia with his wife Margaret, a retired teacher, musician, and artist. They moved there after three years in Ottawa – Affleck having received his PhD in history at the University of London – and lived in Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney. Affleck worked in government, as a management consultant, as a senior executive in two national railway companies and as a professor at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia, researching transportation and urban/regional planning. In semi‑retirement, he served as a member of Australia’s National Transport Commission and as chair or deputy chair in Crown corporations, including Western Australia’s Fremantle Port Authority. Affleck was recently appointed an Officer in the Order of Australia for his long career of service to the transportation industry and the arts. Since retiring, he has been volunteering as reforming president of Arts Margaret River in southwest Australia’s top wine and beach resort town.

Pierre Josseron, BA’66, says he transferred from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) to UBC in order to broaden his horizons. It worked. After two years teaching in Burundi, he began his career as a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This work – which has concerned the protection of civilian populations, refugees, and prisoners of war – has taken him to the Israel‑occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank; Nicaragua just after the Sandinista Revolution; East Timor under Indonesian occupation; Iran just after the Khomeini Revolution; Argentina, Chile and Uruguay under their former military regimes; Peru in the context of the Sendero Luminoso guerilla warfare; Geneva during the Argentina/UK conflict over the South Atlantic islands, when he was in charge of the Red Cross Task Force; Indonesia; Australia/Pacific, where he lectured law students on International Humanitarian Law and was involved in protection activities following the coup d’état in Fiji; Thailand, for the protection of Cambodian refugees escaping the Khmer Rouge; Armenia, in the context of war with Azerbaijan; Uzbekistan and former Soviet Central Asia, following the breakup of the Soviet Union; and Syria. He is spending his retirement in both Switzerland (his homeland) and Portugal (for the ocean and the horizon).


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