Ambrose Mong - Guns and Gospel cover artAmbrose Mong, MA’93, has written Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China. It is an exploration of the history of Christian missionary work in China and its often ambiguous and uneasy relationship with European imperialism.

In November 1916, after 46 years of teaching music theory, Keiko Parker, MA’93, received the inaugural Teacher of Distinction Award from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto at a ceremony held at the Chan Centre on UBC’s Vancouver campus. She has two concert pianist sons, Jon Kimura Parker (UBC Music, 197779) and Jamie Parker, BMus’85, who both studied at Juilliard. Jamie is pianist in the Juno‑winning Gryphon Trio. Keiko’s daughter, Elizabeth Anne Fumiko Parker, BMus’92, also studied at UBC. In 1993, Keiko received her master’s in English, after studying on a part‑time basis. She spends her retirement years translating Jane Austen’s novels into Japanese. Her translations of Emma and Persuasion have already been published in Tokyo and Mansfield Park is due out this year.

Stevie Jay, BA’98, plays the lead role in Blood Empires, released last December. He also plays the role of Detective Joseph in 2017’s You Don’t Know Dick.


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