Quote, Unquote

Openquote“… any full‑time alumni director should be full of enthusiasm and optimism; persistence and patience; tolerance and understanding; dedication and faith; great stamina and a strong sense of humour; loyalty and humility…. You surely must be a little crazy to go into this demanding type of work!” ~ Frank J. E. Turner, BCom’39, was alumni UBC’s first fulltime employee. Hired in 1945, he worked out of room 201 in Brock Hall. The quote is from an article he wrote in the 1966 50th anniversary issue of the UBC Alumni Chronicle, a predecessor of Trek magazine.

“Moved by Miss Peck and Mr. Wright that an Alumni Association be formed. Carried.” ~ The 14word minute from a meeting on May 4, 1917, that established alumni UBC.

“The team concocted a whimsical and tasteful installation entitled Macro Maki in which festival attendees can don pillowsized sushi costumes and shoot selfies on a stage that’s designed like a massive wooden sushi tray or engage in other various shenanigans, outlandish waggery, and other nonsensical skimdimmery for no apparent reason.” ~ The Georgia Straight’s Craig Takeuchi, BA’96, MA’02, reports on the winning entry for an interactionbased structure for the 2017 Powell Street Festival, concocted by UBC Architecture master’s candidates.

“My hope for the pole is that it moves people to learn more about the history of residential schools and to understand their responsibility to reconciliation. The schools were terrible places. Working on the pole has been difficult but I have loved it too. We need to pay attention to the past and work together on a brighter future.” ~ James Hart on the 55foot Reconciliation Pole he carved, which tells the story of the time before, during, and after the Indian residential school system. The pole was raised on the Vancouver campus on April 1. (UBC News)

Endquote“If you really want to treat substance use as a public health issue, then it’s really important to base your policy on evidence. Otherwise, if you continue to base your policy on ideology, it’s not going to solve the problem.” ~ UBC alumna Kanna Hayashi, PhD’13, who in March was named first holder of the St. Paul’s Hospital Chair in Substance Use Research. (Roundhouse Radio)


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