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Good Bacteria Cleans Water

A UBC-developed system that uses bacteria to turn non-potable water into drinking water is undergoing testing prior to being installed in remote communities in Canada and beyond where clean drinking water is hard to come by. […]

Bad Bacteria Threatens Whales

Droplets and exhaled breath caught from the blowholes of killer whales along the Pacific coast are providing scientists with insights into whale health and revealing bacteria and fungi that may be a threat to the mammals. […]

A Promising Treatment for Bladder Cancer

A drug created from a malaria protein stopped tumour growth of chemotherapy-resistant bladder cancer, offering hope for cancer patients not responding to standard treatments. […]

How Birthplace and Education Influence Marriage Choices in China

Many people choose their spouse based on shared values and interests. But in China, another important, relatively unknown factor plays a role: hukou, and it may be contributing to growing socioeconomic disparity in the country’s largest city, according to a UBC study. […]

Smoky with a Hint of Skunk

UBC scientists have scanned the genome of cannabis plants to find the genes responsible for giving various strains their lemony, skunky or earthy flavours, an important step for the budding legal cannabis industry. […]


Inactive teens have weaker bones than those who are physically active, according to a new study. […]

Cows and Curfews

Dairy cows housed indoors want to break curfew and roam free, suggests new UBC research. […]


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