Take Note

Get better customer service by choosing your words wisely

The next time you make a complaint to your cellphone or cable company, don’t get personal […]

Science for sweet tooths

Food scientists at the University of British Columbia have developed a faster and cheaper way to quantify antioxidant levels in chocolate. It’s a method they plan to use in new research to help uncover when antioxidant levels rise and fall during the manufacturing process, from raw cocoa beans to chocolate bars […]

iPad apps teach kids just as well as humans: UBC study

Young children learn just as well from interactive media as from face-to-face instruction, a new University of British Columbia study has found.

Researchers in UBC’s department of psychology compared how well children learned new facts using an iPad app versus being taught in-person by an instructor. The results of the study, recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, found no statistical difference in learning between the two groups of children. […]

Marijuana could help treat drug addiction, mental health

Using marijuana could help some alcoholics and people addicted to opioids kick their habits, a UBC study has found […]

Climate change may prevent volcanoes from cooling the planet

New UBC research shows that climate change may impede the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions […]

Researchers capture first glimpse of important, abundant ocean microbe

A rare microbe that was once thought to be insignificant has turned out to be one of the most abundant single-celled hunters in the ocean, and a team of researchers led by UBC have captured the first glimpse of these elusive predators […]


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