Stepping Up to Leadership featuring Katherine Lazaruk, BEd'95

Professional presence is a key factor in career advancement. Join UBC alumna Katherine Lazaruk (BEd'95) to learn how to leverage your presence for career success, and gain insight into what successful leaders have in common and how to develop your own leadership style.

Guest Presenter Bio

Katherine Lazaruk, BEd'95

Katherine comes from a performance and education background with degrees in Music and Education from UBC. After working in the public school system, on the international opera stage and in corporate training and realizing that all of those careers entailed what she calls ‘small boxes’, she decided to make a leap of faith and start ICU Image Consulting in 2009.

She completed her certificates in Image Consulting and Advanced Image Consulting with Karen Brunger (AICI CIP) of the International Image Institute (Toronto, ON) and holds the international designation of Certified Image Consultant (CIC) from her professional association, the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She has helped hundreds of clients and spoken to thousands of people on the topic of personal alignment and professional presence – making sure what is on the inside lines up with what’s showing up in all areas of your life from what you wear to how you behave to how you communicate and connect with others. Specializing in personal and professional presence education and development, she helps leaders and their teams walk the walk, talk the talk and look the part.

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