Percentage of universe made up of dark matter and dark energy

Percentage of universe made up of atoms

13.77 billion years
Age of Universe

Research results from the work of NASA’s WMAP team to map the early universe. The team includes UBC profs Gary Hinshaw (a team leader) and Mark Halpern. This important work won the team the 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, which comes with a $3 million prize.

+ 2,700 + 1,800

As of September, UBC’s Vancouver campus has nearly 12,000 student beds, more than any other Canadian university. Another 2,700 spots will have been added by 2022, and land has been set aside for a further 1800 if required in the future.

Number of artificially intelligent floor-cleaning robots that will be in use at UBC by the end of the year. They were developed by a company founded by UBC grads, who received entrepreneurial support from Innovation UBC.

337,270 in 148
The number of UBC alumni and the number of countries they live in (2017-18).

Number of UBC degrees granted in 2017

Level of student satisfaction at UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, based on an Undergraduate Experience Survey.


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