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Openquote“[misconceptions about the sex‑ed curriculum often come] from individuals who haven’t had factual, age‑appropriate sexual health education themselves. Typically, if you address the strongest critics and ask them a few questions, you start to notice a lack of knowledge, and the false notion that kids are going to be ‘converted’ or drawn into different choices or patterns of behaviour.” ~ Teacher education professor Wendy Carr on the importance of sexual orientation and gender identity being part of sexual health education in schools, and what’s at the root of protests against it. (UBC News, September 6)

“People often buy these genetic ancestry tests because they’re looking for a sense of belonging or to confirm a story that’s been passed down in their family. But if the test results don’t support what they want to believe, we found that people will often ignore the results or criticize them. We tend to cherry-pick the parts of our family story that we like most and want to emphasize.” ~ Professor Wendy Roth, lead author of research that discovered a tendency to pick and choose regarding the results of genetic ancestry testing. (UBC News, June 28)

“Q: What is the best present you’ve ever been given?

A: A birthday cake. When I was 11 years old, I said I wanted to have a birthday cake in the shape of the Moon and my mother made me a birthday cake in the shape of the Moon – craters and all – and she also made an Apollo 11 lunar landing module that she put on top of the cake with an American flag.” ~ UBC president Santa Ono, in an interview with the Globe and Mail, March 1

“There is no silver bullet here. You all have your own path that you are going to create. And the whole of your life, you are going to be creating you. I am still creating me even today.” ~ Dr. Roberta Bondar, speaking to new graduates at UBC Okanagan after receiving her honorary degree in 2016. Bondar is a physician and scientist who made history in 1992 as the first Canadian female astronaut and the first neurologist in space, aboard NASA’s space shuttle Discovery.

Endquote“There’s no doubt that because of Trump there’s increased interest in journalism in the US with more reader‑funded media: The New York Times increasing its subscriptions. A lot of people donating to journalism organizations. It’s been very pronounced in the States. We haven’t seen the same kind of trend in Canada.” ~ UBC professor of journalism Alfred Hermida in an interview with Vice News, Nov 1


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