Chris Lennon, JD’07

Chris Lennon, JD’07

Current Role

Corporate and Technology Lawyer at LennonAllen / President and General Counsel at Empowered Startups

Briefly describe your career journey so far

Following completion of my undergraduate degree I spent a number of years as a professional skier competing on the international Big Mountain circuit, and working with sponsors and media as both an athlete and a writer. I then went back to law school while continuing my ski industry pursuits, and after graduation commenced a full-time legal practice with a well established regional firm in Vancouver. After a decade with that firm I moved on to start my own small firm and take on a general counsel and executive role with an existing client.

How do you define success?

Finding a way to accomplish the goal.

What did you envision your job or career to be when you started university? How has that vision evolved?

I did not have a predetermined vision. I went to university to learn and discover new ideas.

What are some of the ways you build and nurture your professional network, and how has this benefited your career?

I generally try to be helpful to those in my network, introducing or referring individuals who ask for assistance, to others in my network best able to help.

How have you been able to leverage the skills and knowledge acquired in your degree and during your time at UBC to grow your career?

More than anything else, my degree programs taught me skills to research, analyze issues, and learn. I use those skills everyday.



Chris Lennon is an Online Career Mentor at alumni UBC. He is available to connect with UBC alumni and students seeking career support and guidance. Visit his profile on the UBC Hub of Ten Thousand Coffees to connect with him.