A UBC team led by materials engineer Göran Fernlund has designed a cooler that keeps vaccinations within an optimal temperature range for up to seven days, as they are distributed to remoter areas of developing countries. The researchers are now looking for a manufacturer for their design, so it can be put to use on a larger scale. (UBC News, March 14)

Estimated percentage of deaths accounted for by air pollution worldwide in 2016, according to the State of Global Air/2018, a health project organized by the Health Effects Institute and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, with expert input from UBC.

Number of alumni who engaged with UBC over the 2017-18 year through various channels – such as mentoring a student, serving on an advisory committee, listening to a panel discussion, or simply by reading this magazine.

Number of alumni who volunteered for UBC over the 2017‑18 year.

During a UBC study, this was the average number of extra exercise classes attended by older adults over a 24 week period, when exercising with other people of a similar age. Kinesiology prof and study lead Mark Beauchamp says this suggests that a sense of belonging and social connection meant participants were more likely to stick with the classes. (UBC News, April 27)

$100 Million
Launched in November, the Blue & Gold Campaign for Students is the largest of its type in the history of UBC. It aims to raise $100 million over the course of three years.

$24 Million
In March, the Faculty of Medicine received its largest ever donation from an individual. UBC alumnus Edwin S. Leong’s gift will support research into healthy ageing. (UBC News, March 7)


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